By CoMitted 365 | May 24, 2022

Thinking of leveling up your backyard? Consider a roofing project for shade and summer fun! For people who love being outdoors or entertaining guests, outdoor roof structures can add a gathering space, style, and even architectural interest to your property. Here are a few different ways you can do just that: 

1. Attached Patio Roofs

Whether you’re building your outdoor space from scratch or looking to upgrade a pre-existing patio or deck, there are a few different styles and options to pick and choose from when it comes to patio roofs.

The house-attached patio roof: takes advantage of your home’s structure by attaching one end of the roof to your home and supporting it with something called a ‘ledger.’ The ledger is a horizontal mount structure that is placed on the side of your home for the purpose of holding up a patio roof. While one side of the roof is held up by the ledger on your home, the other side is held up by vertical support beams on the edge of your patio. Material options for your house-attached patio roof include wood, vinyl, and aluminum with many color and style options to match your home seamlessly.

Depending on the size of your home, you may even want to consider raising your patio roof. This is a good option if you live in a one-story home, and want more headroom under your patio roof. As opposed to using a ledger, this method involves the use of extension brackets and roof flashing

Another type of patio cover you may want to consider is called a ‘sail shade cover.’ Sail shade covers are anchored to the ground by posts, like a classic patio roof, but are made of a waterproof, durable material that will provide protection for your patio space. This is a more affordable option and can be taken down and put back up seasonally as well. For more style options and inspiration, check out these house-attached patio roof examples.

2. Screened-In Porches

A screened-in porch can be a more involved undertaking, but for a space to enjoy the warmer weather without bugs, a screened-in porch may be well worth the labor and cost. If you don't already have a concrete patio base, you’ll want to install one to make sure your porch is sturdy and stable. After the concrete base, you’ll want a wooden frame, a door, and then finally the screening to go across the frame and support beams.

3. Pool Cover 

Adding a roof structure near or above your backyard pool is a nice way to bring style and shady space to warm summer days on your property. Depending on where you live, you may want to add a lanai over your pool. This style of pool cover extends from the roof of your home and is surrounded by screened walls. A lanai is a good option for warmer weather climates. For cooler areas, where pools are used for one season of the year, you may want to consider placing a house-attached patio roof off the edge of your home or garage so that it extends near or over the pool to provide some shade.

4. Gazebos

A gazebo can be a great way to maximize outdoor time, and step up your entertainment space for when you have guests during warmer months. Traditionally, a gazebo is an open-air deck with a roof; is six-sided, free-standing (not attached to the house), and enclosed with a railing and benches too. These, like the screened-in porch, are more complicated to construct than the house-attached patio roof. A gazebo involves laying in a concrete foundation, wooden base and frame, and some sort of roof. Many gazebos have benches built into the frame underneath, but you can always go for a table and chairs in your gazebo as well.

5. Bonfire areas

Building an outdoor bonfire pit area in your backyard is the perfect way to make the most of your summer days– especially for nights with good company and clear skies for star-gazing. A built-in pit with a 360 view of the flames is one way you can upgrade from your portable iron fire-pit, and add on to your landscaping as well. Built-in fire pits can be placed in your yard or can be integrated seamlessly into your patio with matching stone or brick material. 

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